The Land Party is a new political party representing the views and aspirations of people who want fundamental changes to our politics, economy and lifestyle. The mission of the Land Party UK is to bring about Landocracy – A political and economic system based on equal rights and responsibilities to land. The Land Party is not like other political parties. We have no ideology for how you should live. Instead we campaign for the right of all people to have what they need to live – Land! Free people with their own land need not fear recession, unemployment or the collapse of private banks. People with land can better look after themselves, their needs and security. Self reliant people and communities relieve the nanny state or consumer culture of the need to provide for them. For more information on the Land Party click here

Political Campaigning

We will contest elections and put forward candidates for any and all seats in the house of commons, national assemblies and regional councils.

Land Management

We will acquire land and property to build sustainable self reliant communities, demonstrating the ideals for which we campaign.

Activism and lobbying

We will put the land issue on the agenda of mainstream British politics by effective PR and lobbying, for the benefit of the whole Nation.

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